Actual projects

Actual projects

AIRVET – Aeronautic Industry Skills Resolution for a more Efficient VET Offer



INNpuls Ltd. is one of ten partners in multidisciplinary consortium composed of 10 partners from 6 countries, which execute project „AIRVET – Aeronautic Industry Skills Resolution for a more Efficient VET Offer”. Duration: 24 months, 1.11.2014 – 31.10.2015 r.

AIRVET’s main aim is to design, develop, evaluate and disseminate adapted/new AI curricula and VET (vocational education and training) courses in the specific fields of Maintenance and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), as these areas are the ones that need a higher number of qualified personnel.
The aeronautics industry acts globally and requires a high qualified workforce not only for the positions related to engineering. The increasing ageing of the EU population might influence the availability of qualified personnel in EU and emerge in a skill shortage for the sector.
Considering the characteristics of the Aviation Industrial sector, the competition for the best workers takes place internationally. In this context, mobility of workers is an undeniable reality and draws up new challenges for the educational/training areas:
  • improvement of the overall performance of education and training
  • close cooperation among VET* (Vocational Education and Training) systems from different EU countries;
  • better balance between initial and continuous vocational training;
  • full use of knowledge and skills acquired in both formal and non-formal settings.
The AIRVET will focus specifically on VET (Vocational Education and Training) in the following main aeronautic sectors:
·      AirTraffic Management,
·      Airlines,
·      Airports.
and the basic assumption is to work TO and WITH our target groups:
·      Aeronautic Industry,
·      VET providers and trainers,
·      Workers and future workers,
·      Schools and students (potential Aeronautic Industry workers),
·      Bodies involved in education and training systems.
Thanks to cooperation of those communities,within AIRVET project,following tasks will be completed:
1.       Territorial analysis of skills needs.
2.       Training curricula design (Maintenance and ICT Training Curricula/Programmes).
3.       Curricula delivery (Multimedia Resources for Training + Users’ Guide Manual).
The strategic objectives of the project are also:
  • To foster a close, open, informal dialogue and sustained interactions and networking between: VET providers, aeronautic experts and bodies involved in education and training systems
  • To raise awareness of young people about future career paths in aeronautics, foster science education and provide contact with different real work situations in the aeronautic sector
  • To review, create and improve the VET curricula and training programmes addressed to the aeronautics industry, in order to better match with actual and future labour market needs;
  • To contribute to the implementation of innovative ways of delivering VET, with a special focus in the development of multimedia to increase skills and experience with interactive training systems.
The AIRVET Alliance is a multidisciplinary consortium composed of 10 partners from 6 countries, representing 3 types of actors of key importance to the AI sector and to the accomplishment of the objectives of the project:
Bodies with aeronautic specific expertise;:
INNpuls Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Societed Aeronatica Española (Spain)
VET providers:
Deep Blue S.R.L. (Italy)
Coventry University (United Kingdom)
IRIT – Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III (France)
Bodies involved in education and training systems:
ANQEP – AgênciaNacionalpara a Qualificação e o EnsinoProfissional (Portugal)
Collegio Universitario ARCES (Italy);
Inova+ (Portugal - coordinator)
I3M - Image du TroisièmeMillénaire (France)
The total value of the project:  479 774 EUR
Lifelong Learning Programme grant: 359 782 EUR
With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme ofthe European Union.

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